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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mini Chest of Drawers

So in my never ending quest to organize my latest obsession is my half bath! I store & do my makeup there. It's also were my daughter gets hair stuff, headbands, tooth brushing.....But don't have much room for storage. And honestly I ask WAY to much of the vanity cabinet!!!!! Right now I'm using a Kaboodles! Yup! Nostalgic right? It works, but it's starting to fall part and I don't care for it. I keep it in the cabinet my Monica's closet...(you have to be a Friends fan to get that! Lol) So I came up with the Mini Chest of Drawers! And I LOVE it!!!! There's no digging for stuff and packing it back up. It's all right at my finger tips!!!! And I love the character it adds to the room!!

This build was mostly reclaimed wood that I found bundled on the side of the road!!! I wanted a rustic, imperfect look. The only part that is new wood is the drawers and shelves. 

For this project I used a hammer, nails and wood glue. No screws! I custom made this to fit my specific needs! And what I had for wood. You can take this basic idea and make yours to fit your needs! These are my dimensions! Instead of an item list I'm using the pic above, unfortunately I lost some of my pics from this project :(  But I think the diagram above is pretty self explanatory. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!!

First I glued and nailed the top and sides!

Then I glued and nailed my shelves. (spaced out to fit the draw front measurements)

For my drawers I used 1/4" plywood, tack nails & glue.1: Nailed & glue the front to the sides. 
2: Nail & glue that piece to the draw face.
3: Nail & glue the back on.
For the bottom I just used wood glue and painters tape, let them sit overnight.

Now I didn't have enough reclaimed wood at the right sizes to do the whole project. So I had to use some new stuff. I used the same treatment as I did on my to get that faux reclaimed wood look....... Now if you don't have any reclaimed wood available you can do this treatment on the entire project! Just make sure to do it BEFORE you assemble it! then sand after to give it that worn look!

I used a semi-gloss poly all over. I used 3 coats, normally I only do 2 but I had some loose paint and really funky spots I wanted to really seal in!!!

Lastly...I found these adorable draw pulls at    They are the perfect fit! They do not come with long enough screws. (my draw faces were thick, if you use thinner wood they might work fine.) So I just found longer screws with matching threads.
I absolutely LOVE this project! Its definitely one of my all time favorites! And something I use every single day!

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

                                               xoxoxo Sherri

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Reclaimed Wood Advent Calendar

Hello!!! Tis' the season for Christmas crafts!!!! I've been pinning Advent Calendars on Pinterest for months! But didn't LOVE any of them....
I've been working on a couple projects with some reclaimed wood I'd found. And the other morning standing in my mess of scraps it came to me!!! 
I looked down, sipping my morning cup of coffee.....and I seen a CHRITMAS TREE!!!! How perfect!!! I can't begin to tell how excited this made me.... And that's probably something I should keep to myself! Don't judge! ;) I'm not crazy I promise!!! But I mean, it was all there! 

I laid them all out right then and there! (I had a couple thick boards I cut in two)
I then just took my tape measure at an angle and penciled my lines. And then cut those! I had a few nice rough naturally angled ends I left alone. The base or "trunk" of my tree was already angled! But you could easily cut down a straight board!
Just nail in place! I used a scrap piece of wood to keep them equal distance apart!
I used carpet tacks as my decorative rustic nail heads. 
I don't have a pic? Sorry...but I sprayed it down with some spray poly!
I found these little bags in the wedding/shower dept of Michaels. And these tags in the craft dept. I wanted that "chalkboard" look so I also grabbed a white paint pen for my matte black tags!
Number your tags!
Attach your tag to one end of the drawstring on your bags!
Then pull the drawstring so that you have the desired length for your tag to hang flat. Now tie a bow with the remaining string and loop your knot on the nailhead and tighten!
As a topper I made a burlap bow. Super easy!!!
I absolutely love how it came out!!! I'm going to be sad when I have to put it away!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Xo Sherri 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Easy Kale Soup

This is a great recipe if you are strapped for time and want a hearty meal! I typically don't stray from my usual go-to recipes....but I had some random stuff laying around that needed to get used before it expired. And I accidentally made one of my favorite recipes a LOT better!!! Yay!!! So here goes....

You will need: 
            I/2 bag Glory prewashed kale

            1 1/2 bags teeny tiny potatoes

            1 box potato leek soup (from               
             Whole foods) I can't remember 
             the brand. But any box potatoe 
            Soup mix will do. It's also the 
            only one like it at whole foods, so 
            if you go looking you'll find it! 

            1 package all natural Al Fresco 
            Chicken Sausage in Spinach &

            1 can organic cannelloni beans
            1 bay leaf 

            6 cups water (more or less        
            depending on how thick you
            like it)

            1/2 tsp Mrs.Dash original blend

           Salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste

Start by cutting your potatoes in half. Next tear your kale into one inch pieces (hard stems removed) Then add your potatoes, kale, spices, potato leek soup & water to your pot, bring to a boil. Boil until your potatoes are soft and kale to your desired texture. While that is boiling remove the skin from your sausage and slice into 1/2 inch pieces. I then slice those in half again. Brown and add to pot. When your soup is almost done rinse your can of cannelloni beans and add those to your soup. Let them warm through and your ready to serve!!!! I top it off with some freshly shredded Aged New York Sharp Chedder! So good!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy! Don't be afraid to change things up and make it your own!!!!! 

         Xoxo Sherri