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Monday, July 20, 2015

DIY Industrial Paper Towel Holder

So I've been seeing these all over Pinterest forever!!!! I've always wanted to make one! But honestly I always forget to look when I'm at the hardware store. I've also never found simple instructions?! And honestly while standing in that dept with a trillion different pipes and attachments staring back at me....I remembered why I just hadn't bothered!!!! With projects like this I like it to be cut and dry! I like to know what I'm going to need! I hate standing there trying to come up with stuff in store....while my daughter is like "momma momma momma.....I have to use the potty....can we go now..." And on and on and on. And 20 employees keep asking me if I need help...which I probably do, but don't want it! Lol. So hopefully this will make it super easy for you! And if you are like me you can breath easy knowing you can go to the store with a list!!!! ;)

Now I chose to do a mounted version! I wanted to free up counter space & hated our old paper towel holder. It was actually not cheap but always attracted all the dust from the paper...and the roll constantly got stuck?!?! 

So this is what I came up with! 
These are the bags so you know what your looking for! 

I mounted my pipe to a 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 17" board that I stained & sanded! In Varathanes Ash. 

I found my studs and just used 3" dry wall screws right into the board all the four corners. 

I also rubbed some of the stain on the pipe and flange to give it more of an aged look! 

And that's that!!!! I wish I would have done this years ago! It fits my decor to a T! Works perfectly and is completely out of the way! And literally the only thing that takes time is waiting for the stain to dry! 

Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for stopping by!!! Xoxo Sherri