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Friday, March 28, 2014

Easy Spring Wreath

I hardly ever buy pre-made wreaths!!! Not just to save the $$ but I love making my own! How many times have you gone looking for something you have pictured in your head.....and had to settle for something similar?! Or something else all together!!! Well if you are slightly OCD like myself that can drive one a bit crazy!!! So for under $20 I put this together for spring! And it's EXACTLY what I wanted!
I got everything at Michaels craft store...this wreath was a little more pricey than the basic ones I usually use....but I used my 40% off coupon!!!!
I also found this awesome ribbon onsale!!!
These wooden letters were only .70! And the finish is great! So no painting!!!

I layered and glued my ribbon. Then flipped the wreath over and glued on my letters. 
My trusty old glue gun!!!
I then made some rosettes....I'll do a tutorial on this soon! 

And here it is! Sooooo easy!!! Excuse the rest of my house ;) I love it here!!! Right now we have our Easter wreath on the door....but I like this one here so much I just may need to make another one for the door?! Hehe
I love it with this cute mail station I found at TJ MAXX!!! 
For a whopping $13!!!! Woohoo!!! 

Please feel free to post any questions!!! 
Happy wreath making!!! Xo Sherri

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Momma's Green Smoothie

So I've been working really hard trying to make healthier choices for myself & my family! Non GMO, whole & organic foods! I'm not a big breakfast person....usually it consists of my cup of coffee :/  

So I've started making myself a breakfast/lunch smoothie! And I'm LOVING it!!! It stores well, so I can throw some in the frig and just grab & go!!! I've also set myself up a Smoothie Center! Right next to the frig!!! So what isn't in the frig is kept here!
Now for what's in it...
Lots & lots of healthy yummy goodies!!!!

       Recipe: 1c coconut milk
            1/2c organic vanilla yogurt
   1/2 scoop PlantFusion protein powder
             1tbsp Nutiva coconut oil
          2 handfuls organic baby kale
          1/2c or 5 med. strawberries   
 1/4-1/2c granola (I usually make my own)
                       1 banana 
 Dash organic honey or pure maple syrup
                 1/4-1/2c Ice cubes
Now if you don't have a good blender....I did not!!! You are going to NEED to get one!!! I did allot of research and frankly did not want to shell out upwards of $400 for a blender.....I didn't want to shell out $100 to be honest! Buuuut I found this little Beauty at Target! 
Not only was it $ was onsale for $5 off!!!!! Which of course made this gals day!!! So hopefully you like my smoothie!!! I've pinned a ton of yummy one on my Pinterest page! So you can also head on over there for some inspiration!!!! CHEERS!!! To a healthier me & you!!! (I'm holding my green smoothie up) 
                            Xo Sherri

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why start a blog?

Why not??? I've been rolling this around in my head for sometime! I don't tend to take myself very serious...and quite frankly don't see why others would?! BUT! I've been told I need to start a blog more times than I can remember & from people I respect!....and slightly believe ;)  So I DID IT!!! I hope you will enjoy my projects as much as I do! And my randomness... 

I'm the tired momma to a 17yr old boy & 4yr old little girl....and mom to two cats & a crazy dog! I'm happily married (I just checked out my hubby as I typed...hehe) and by happy I mean sometimes I hate him....but I LOVE to hate him & I wouldn't want to hate anyone else!!! Hehe 
So please be patient as I figure all this blogging "stuff" out!!! Promise I'll get better!!!! See y'all soon!!!! Xo Sherri