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Thursday, June 26, 2014

DIY No Sew Tie Up Curtain

So if you haven't figured it out yet....I like to save $$$!!! If there's a way...I will find it! 
I wanted to lightenup the look in my kitchen and had purchased some awesome (cheap) panels from Walmart a while ago...that I loved! I got black & tan for my kitchen (very bold look). And a more subtle pair (same print) in tan & cream for my bedroom. And I decided I def needed some of those tan & cream panels for the kitchen!!!
Now at a whopping $13.97 a panel...I feel no guilt!!! ;)  

This is an older pic....I love these curtains though!!! But nothing stays the same for very long in our house! Lol
Now it can be tough to find matching window treatments for different window types at affordable prices! So I always just make my own! I have a large double window, a small window over my sink & a  small (but longer) window on my back door. So I bought 3 panels! 2 for the large window...and 1 for the small windows! 

This is the BOTTOM of my panel! I use the bottom so I have the nice hem! And just hot glue a rod pocket on the top! Just like I did on the Tie Up Curtain!

Now measure your window! You want the curtain (when done) to fit it bunching on top! 

I had help.... :/  I then measured my length. *the top of the panel is going to be your finished bottom!!! I left myself an extra 5" for my top rod pocket! 

Now my curtain needed to be thinner than my panel! I measured out from one of the finished I only had to do one side myself!
 I marked at an inch from my desired width, then at another 1/2 inch. 

And just did this all the way up the panel. 

Now you can start gluing the side! Just fold at your first mark and put a thin line of glue! 

Then fold at your second line and glue!!!

So easy!!! 

Now for your rod pocket...this is going to vary depending on the size rod you use! Measure your rod (or just use your rod) and make your marks! Just put your rod on your curtain and fold it over, leaving just enough room so that it slides easily. Now glue a THIN straight line right at the top of this first fold! If it's not straight you'll have trouble getting your rod through!

Now fold over again. And repeat the last step!
This is how it should fit! 

For your ties you can use anything you want! Extra curtain fabric, ribbon...anything! I used this chevron burlap ribbon! 
Your length depends on your style. I started out with an extra 5" on the bottom. Then ended up trimming them after tying them up! 

I went 5" in on each side. 

You are going to go right to the top on the back with your ties. Then make sure you have enough in the front to fold over the back. Using your rod pocket as a guide. 
Now this is were my "no sew" becomes a lie :/  I apologize! I didn't quite think it through very well and the glue leaked through this ribbon!!! So I could have made a little liner....but I just whipped out a needle and whether you sew or glue...make sure you do so at the very top and very bottom of your rod pocket! 
Tie them up and DONE!!! Now I did trim my ribbon. I will always keep them tied up this high....and when they are down they completely cover my window!!!

I absolutely love how it came out!!! And I now have a custom Tie up curtain and a custom valance for the price of one $13.97 panel!!!! Can't beat that!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!!! 
Xoxoxo Sherri  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Weathered Cabinet

My DIY Weathered Cabinet is FINALLY done!!!! I feel like this project had taken me forever!!!! Sometime life just gets in the way of play!!!! 😁 

Now I have always hated this wall in my house. It's in the highest traffic area in the house. And it's the first thing you see when you walk in the door!!! But there's not a ton of space there?! I've tried leaving it empty, but for whatever reason it just feels weird? 

So because of the award space and need for something really shallow...I knew I'd need to make something custom!

So I started with a basic box. My top shelf is a 1x10. My sides and bottom shelf are 1x8's. 

I used wood glue & my Kregjig to attach everything.

This is were I placed my pilot holes! And I used 1 1/4" wood screws. 

I then faced the whole front with 1x3's. 
I just used my good old hammer, 1" nails and wood glue. 

For a decorative touch you can angle the bottom corner of your trim! I just traced the angle I wanted and then used that piece to trace the other side! 

For the back I used 3-1x6's @ 26 11/16". 
And 1-1x6 ripped down (in height) to 2 1/2"....and I place that one at the don't even see it! They fit right inside and I used my Kregjig to attach then from the back. 
You can skip this step or use wainscoting. Get creative!!! ☺️

For my doors I used 1x3's. And attached them with wood glue, 1 1/4" wood screws & my Kregjig! 

For the weathered look I used Rustoleum ultimate wood stain in Weathered Gray. 
I applied one coat. Let it dry over night. Then I went to town sanding!!!! This is another area you can get creative and make it your own!!! Just sand your little heart out!!!...or don't sand at all!!! 
Then I finished with two coats of my favorite poly!!! 

For the backs of my doors I found this awesome metal at lowes!!! And it's easy to cut!!! I just nailed it on with carpet tacks! (They are super sharp and sturdy!) they went right through the metal!

This is the hardware I chose!!!! And I'm IN LOVE!!! 

I'm super happy with the finished product!!!! And it fits my space perfectly!!! 
I know some of my measurements are kinda crazy!!! But this is a custom piece!! You can adjust any of these measurements to fit that empty little nook in your home!!! You get to pick out your finish and hardware!!! That's my fave part!!!

Feel free to leave comments!!! I will gladly answer any questions!!!

Xoxo Sherri