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Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY Costume: Carl & Ellie from UP!

So Disney Pixars up is one of our favorite movies! And Carl & Ellie are our favorite cartoon couple of all time!!! So when picking a couples costume for Halloween this was a no brainer!!!! 
My only problem was that I didn't have time to order anything online! So I had to try and find what I could locally & make everything else myself.... 

The aviator hats were the hardest! It's not like you can just go to Target and find I decided to look for brown trapper hats I could alter! And lucky me I found these Domo hats at Walmart for $10 each! 
I just cut the stitching holding the flap and folded it under. 
Next was the goggles. I decided to use Mason jar lids!

You can use any flat head screw driver. Hammer slits big enough to feed your band through! I used as my band. It worked great!

Then I hot glued the ends in place. 

I wanted to line the bottoms of my goggles. I just cut little circles from felt and folded it in and glued, also folding it a tiny bit around the outside rim!

There is so many options when it comes to these! You could spray paint them, use thin weather stripping instead of felt....tons of possibilities! I also found my husband an awesome pair of fake glasses!

Next was my "Ellie Badges". The bottle caps she keeps pinned to her overalls. 

I used a nail and scrap wood. Just hammer two holes far enough apart for a safety pin to fit through!
 Cute right?! :)

For the clothes I hit the thrift store! They had a ridiculous amount of sweatervests!!!! 😂 and I grabbed a tan collared shirt as well for my hubby. 
I already had overalls and a floral button up.....don't judge! ;)

All I did was add a fake green patch to the knee of my overalls. 

Lastly I made my Adventure Book! 
I used one of my daughters books and just covered it with a paper bag! Grabbed some colored pencils and got to work!! 

For makeup I kept it simple. I did my best to round my brows a bit. I did a brown liner on my top lash line only, from inner corner to outer corner. A brown shadow on my lid and slightly above my crease, to mimic the shadowing of her eyes. And then heavy bronzer to fake that sunburned look on my cheeks, all around the end of my nose and a little on my chin. Then added some freckles! (Which you can't really see well in this pic of her) 
I chose to add some mascara...I couldnt help myself! But she has a no lash look going on...

We stopped off at the local grocery store to get some balloons before the party....definitely have to get the balloons!!! ;) 

It was a lot of fun making these! And a wonderful night out!!! Hope you have a wonderfully spooktacular Halloween!!!

          Xoxo Sherri