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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Refacing" Fabric Storage Bins

This is something I've been doing for years! We all have them!!! Those basic fabric collapsable bins. I've always hated the way they look. They always look cheap. But for the price of 3 yards of your favorite fabric... They don't have to!!!

This is what I'd previously done. But it wasn't matching my living room anymore! Underneath they are the basic tan. 

Fold down your bin (if yours don't collapse that's ok too). Lay it face down on the underside of your fabric. And trace about 1 1/2 - 2" around the face of your bin. This will be what you fold and glue!

Once you get one done, you can cut it out and use that to trace the rest of your fabric!  

After you will need to cut out some small rectangles (for a basic bin) it's about a 5 1/4" long by 2 /4" wide. Or just lay the fabric over the handle and trace enough so you can fold and glue it underneath!

Next you need to cut out a spot for the handle. Lay your fabric on (face down) making sure your edges and over hang are even. 

Trace two vertical lines right were the handle attached to the bin. Then one horizontal line across the center. 

Cut your vertical lines. 

Then your horizontal line. This should fit right around your handle! And the first place you glue down!

This is how I glue it! First you cover your handle, I run a line of glue across both edges of the handle. Then glue it underneath.
Then for the rest I make sure to start by glueing those flaps we cut under the handle first. 

Now start glueing the edges!! I use my hot glue gun for everything!!!! Work your way around. Be carful to not pull your material too much to one side!!!!

Look at the difference!!!!

This is the finished product!!! I decided to change it up and do a different fabric on the middle bins. (They match my throw pillows)

I love them!!!!....again 😁 
And I got my fabric 50% off at Joann's!!! Score!!!
Xoxoxo Sherri 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dining Table Redo - part 2...The Bench for Part 2 of my Dinning Table Redo.
We like having a bench at the table. And our previous bench was too small and went out on the deck with the table it was built for! You can check that out here...

So I needed to build a new one!!!
I wanted to try and use as much scrap wood as possible. So I totally winged it. Its not a typical build! And I'll give you a link for a more traditional base in case you want that! 

I wanted to mimic the table a little...and give the bench top that chunky "door" look. 

So I new I was going to trim it out! I did a lot of research prior to building....thank you pinterest!!! i love you!

I found some cool ideas for legs! I didn't want to use 2x's because it would have looked to chunky with the table! So I decided to use 1x's.

So here's what I did: 
 This is what you will need for your legs! (I know not all the wood is there!)...this is were my reuse of scraps comes in...I ripped down some 1x10 & 1x6 to make some legs! What you see here is just what I bought! Go by what I wrote on the pic! ;) 

Lay down two of your longer pieces (17 1/2"), apply glue to top. Then lay two of your 12 3/8" pieces on and line up with top. Then place one of your 11 1/4" stretchers across both legs making sure to line up both sides flush! Add the bottom 2 5/8" pieces....I then drilled some pilot holes and used 1 1/4" wood screws. 

Now put another layer of glue on and place another one of your 17 1/2" legs on! Your going to sandwich those cut pieces in between your the two solid legs!!! Mmmm sandwich.....anyway!

Then again with the pilot holes and 1 1/4" attention to the screw placement in the pics! That way you don't end up screwing one screw into another! 

This is were more of my scrap wood came into play.... I took and cut 2-2x4's @ 4 1/4", drilled two pocket holes (one going left, one going right) and screwed them into the legs with 2 1/2" wood screws. 

Next I used more of my 2x4 and cut 2-2x4's @ 52 3/8" and attached them with 2 pocket holes in each end (on the top like the 4 1/4" pieces), screws facing into legs! Using 2" screws (For some reason I can't find the pic of this? But you get the idea!...I hope) 

For the bench top I used a 1x12 @ 57". It's a LONG bench!!! Using my Kregjig I drilled all my pocket holes like so 👆....this is how you attach the trim!

And speaking of will need 2 - 1x3's @  12 3/4"(outside) and 11 1/4"(inside) cut on a 45 degree angle. And 2 - 1x3's @ 58 1/2"(outside) and 57"(inside) cut on a 45 degree angle. 

I drilled some pocket holes on the inside each end of my longer pieces and used my 1 1/4" screws.
Then attached my top! Also using 1 1/4" screws. 

Now I attached my base to my bench top. I just drilled pilot holes right into the bottom of 2x4's. 5 along the sides and 1 in the smaller pieces. And used 1 1/4" screws to attach. Just make sure your pilot holes are deep enough....but not too deep! 

For the stretcher I used 2 - 1x3's @ 53 1/4". I drilled 4 pilot holes in the side of one, glued them together and attached them using 1 1/4" screws. 

Then drilled two pocket holes in each end and attached my stretcher to the center of the small stretcher on the legs using 1 1/4" screws. 

I used the same finish as I used on the table top! 
I stained my bench top and applied stain anywhere on the base that I would be distressing!

Then I painted my base with my Homestead Resort Parlor Taupe! 

Then I gave it a good sanding! On this piece I actually sanded down the ENTIRE top and extra on the edges! I wanted to be able to see the grain! And then I sanded all the edges of the base and distressed the faces of the legs. I used my small black & decker mouse detail sander and 120 grit paper!

To finish it off I gave it two coats of my all time favorite poly!!!! Rustoleum ultimate Matte!!! It holds up all the craziness in this house!!!! And my fave part....well one of my fave parts is there's NO sanding between coats!!!! Woohoo!!! It's dries so fast and goes on so smooth!!! Super easy!

This is it!!! I'm so happy with the whole thing!
 The two black chairs are from target. I love them! They are super sturdy and really comfy!
They come in sets of two for $180. Not bad at all! 

Well I hope you enjoyed!!! Happy building!!! Please feel free to ask questions and don't forget to subscribe!!!! 
                   Xoxo Sherri

Dining Table Redo -Part 1

Ok so this is going to be a two part post! It all started when my hubby brought me home this incredible table.....
I know it doesn't look that incredible, but I seen the potential at first glance!!! (I failed to get a pic with the legs still on cause it was unasembled when he brought it home :/ )
And by "brought home" I mean someone paid him to remove it!!!
 I love his job sometimes!!!
It was definitely not my lots of sanding happened!!!
And he's the best so he did it for me!!! *insert* Awwww

Followed by fave some stain & my all time favorite wall color!!!! Homestead Resort Parlor  Taupe by Valspar!

To finish it off I gave it a good roughin' up and some of my most fave poly....Rustoleum Ultimate Polyurethane Matte....its THE best!!!
The legs got a light sanding and the same stain as the table top! I didn't remove all the old stain to give it a more rustic look!

The glass top needs to be replaced, its really scratched up! But for now its kinda nice not to have to freak out about it....given the house full of live stock....

And that's it!!! Super easy!...Well not as easy for my hubby...
But I love it! I've always loved tables made from old doors!!! And this "faux" door table is perfect!!! I love everything about it! Its by far one of my fave pieces of furniture now!!!!! 
And there is a little sneak peek at part 2 of this post!!!! The bench!!! 

Xoxo Sherri

Monday, May 12, 2014

Salvaged Planter Box

So I found a broken, extremely marked down planter box at Lowes today! And it was just what I was looking for!!! 

It had one end completely broken off and the color wasn't what I wanted!!! So I used some scrap wood and fixed the busted end. And grabbed my black stain and gave it a quick coat!!! 

I kept with the simple green and white color scheme I have going on my deck, with simple plants!!! And I love it!!!! 

I've learned to look at things and not as much for things! Just because something isn't the right color or style doesn't mean YOU can't MAKE it what you want!!! ;)

Happy Crafting!!! Xoxo Sherri

Thursday, May 8, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Hand Soap

I don't know about you....but I'm obsessed with foaming hand soaps!!!! 
No gunk left on the counter from dripping sticky soap!!! It leaves your hands feeling more moisturized! And just feels cleaner to me?! 
But I'm not always in love with the soap containers..... Some are pretty! But I always feel like they just add to the clutter that I'm always battling on my counter tops!!! I just don't want to "see" them! But they have to be there and why not be pretty?!?! 

I always have a number of Mason jars around....they are my favorite!!!! I don't even know why?
 You can use any size or shape!!! I'm going to be doing a blue one for my 1/2 bath!!!! 

Take the pump out of any hand soap! And measure the smaller part underneath! You want the top that you see to sit on top of the lid!!!
You can even do this for lotions!!!

Once you know the size hole you need you can CAREFULLY cut it out. The edges will be sharp!!!!

If you make sure it fits really tight you will not need to use any adhesives!!! But if it's a little loose just add some hot glue or gorilla glue!

Top view! Super super easy!!!

That's it!!!! See how cute!!! :) 

Happy crafting!!!!! Xoxo Sherri