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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Pottery Barn Mirror

So I've been eyeing Pottery Barns Eagan Mirror & White Pained Mirror for some time now! I just LOVE them!!! But would never ever pay their prices!!! My mirror cost around $45!!!!! Click the link below for some shock and awe!!!!! Holy price difference!!!! 

So I'm up to my usual non-sense....(that's what my hubby would say!) And changing up my kitchen!!! Changed the furniture layout.... And It needed a lighter more airy feel!!! So I'm trying to remove some of the black accents! Which is why I chose to go with a distressed/weathered look!!!

This is a before look of what used to be on that buffet. And you can see the black curtains in my black mirror.....catch my drift?! ;) 

I was completely out of luck on this one!!! I tried both my local dollar stores and found 0 beveled mirrors :(  Tis the season for weddings/parties!!! But I did find these  larger 12" beveled tiles at Lowes! You get a box of 6 for $12. So not too bad?! 

For my molding I chose 1" trim molding. It's super cheap and easy to work with!!!
And I went with a 1/2" piece of plywood. 

I cut all my trim and laid everything out before marking and cutting my plywood!
But it's about 38 7/8"x 38 7/8". 

Now for my weathered look I pulled out my faves!!! 
And just started staining all my trim all different colors!!!
I did varying amounts of gray on one side and ash brown on the other...then streaked it with black. 
I let the stain dry...then did a little white paint! And finally I sanded it all down. 
This is the end result!!! From new to old in 30 minutes!!! 

You are going to want to throw some stain on your plywood! You will have some small areas that show through, so you want it to just blend away! I did a mix of stains. And don't forget to get your edge you'll see it in the finished project!
This will get sanded later to match the trim!

Now to start glueing this bad boy!!!
I started at one side and worked my way across.Glueing the wood trim with wood glue & the mirrors with mirror glue!!! 

These are the products I used!!!

After everything was glued I add some carpet tacks. I love how they look like antique nails!!!! And they did act as a little extra support! Bonus!

I used d-ring hangers to mount my mirror. I first found my studs measured and marked were they were in my wall, and attached my d-rings to the back of my mirror at that width! I chose to put my d-rings just below my first row of mirrors right behind the row of trim! Just to give myself more depth to screw through!

And that's it!!!! I really love how it turned out!!! And it really is a pretty easy project!!! You can use and trim and pick any color to customize it to your space!!!
Please feel free to ask questions!!! You can leave them in the comments or find me on FB...