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Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY Topiary

I got this beautiful wooden lantern as a gift from two really cool know who you are! ;)  I absolutely love it! And new immediately what I wanted to do with it!!! It would make a wonderful home for a topiary!!! And I knew I was going to have to custom make one! Save $$$$!!!!

I started with picking out the right size pot and went from there! This guy was 40% off at Jo-Ann's!!! 

I filled the bottom 2" of my pot with rocks for weight. 

Next I found a foam half round like this one and hot glued it, flat side up into my pot. 

For my stem I used this old metal rod I'd saved from a broken garden flag pole!!! Up-cycle!!! Anything sturdy will do! You could you a really cheap wooden dowel from any craft or home improvement store!

Pre-drilled holes in the top and bottom of the 6", then about 1/2 way into just the bottom of the 4"-the top!

Then I put them on my "stem"....I added hot glue to the stem right below the moss ball. Then slid it over and let it dry for sec. And then repeated that step with the top. 

Now you can insert you stem into your pot. Make sure to really wedge it into the rocks underneath! And I added some hot glue. 

The next step is making your "stem" look like one!!! I just used some sticks from my yard and some floral wire!
I wrapped them together leaving about 3/8" between them....just enough so they will wrap easily around the stem. 

I used my extra wire to wrap up the twigs and just twisted it together in the back. 

I added some decorative mosses to the top of the cover the pretty foam!! 

And that's it!!!! Seems like a lot of step...but it goes together pretty fast!!! And you save a ton $$$$$

I'm loving it with my monogram-spring-wreath!!! My wreaths can be ordered in my Esty shop... 

  Xoxo Sherri :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Monogram Spring Wreath

So you are going to notice that I have a wreath addiction.... I just love how inexpensive and fun they are!!! And you can totally get creative!!! This one was fun! I don't care for working with burlap....but ironically it's one of my fave materials!!! I love the texture! 

I started by covering my wooden letter! 
I used a burlap chevron ribbon from Michaels. A glue gun, scissors and an exacto knife. 
Start glueing on your ribbon making sure you keep your pattern lined up! 
Then cut off all the extra material.... This is were the exacto knife comes in handy!!!
And vuala!!!

I decided to tie my bow right on my wreath. It doesn't make for the most perfect bow....but that's not what I was going for. If you want a "prettier" bow make your bow separately, then attach!

  Now I added my flowers. I just bought some cheapy stems from Michaels, and brake them apart. 
Just push them in right behind the bow. 
Then I added some floral wire to hold them in place. (Right above my shadow) :/

To keep the burlap back in place I just hot glued it right to my wreath! 

Now just trim your bow ends and you are ready to hang this bad boy!!!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!!!! 

 Xoxo Sherri

Easy Pocket Pillows!!!

These are super easy!!!! They can be done as sew or no-sew!!! We will be doing both....but remember that the no-sew are not really washer & dryer friendly... So if your living in a house with 2 kids, 2 cats & a dog....I'd sew um!!! ;)
I will usually make my no-sew a little big so that I can go back and sew them later if I want! 

I started with a 17" pillow insert. 
Then I cut a 24" by 44" piece of fabric. 

Center your pillow. 
Fold one of your long ends to completely cover your pillow. 

Then fold back the fabric back making a 4" fold!!!

Fold your other end over. 

Pin about a 1/2" away from your pillow on both sides!

Sew and trim off excess fabric! (I sew by no snazzy sewing machine pics here!) ;)

Then the best part.....turn it right side out...insert your pillow....and admire your handy work!!!! (I know they need to be steamed....)

Now if you want a quick no-sew.....
Follow the steps above, but keep your fabric right side out! And leave your pillow inside! 
Your going to fold your top and bottom fabric in about a half an inch and pin in place. 

Then run an even line of glue. Work in small sections if you use a hot glue gun it dries fast!!! But you can also use fabric adhesive tape! 

And that it!!! Super duper easy!!!!! 
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Xoxo Sherri 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

DIY Chunky Dinning Table

So I'm a huge fan of these ladies!!!! And get so much awesome inspiration from them!!!! They had posted plans for their restoration hardware table and I KNEW it was something I was going to be building!!!! I also knew it was going to have to be modified to suit my needs! 
👆 this is the link to Shanty 2 you will find a link to Anna Whites site for complete plans!
And I'll explain where I modified....

My tables total width is 62"...a lot smaller than the original 87" plans!!! My main beams are only 4ft!!! I used all 4x4 beams and the cheapest 2x6 & 2x10 pine I could find at lowes!!! You can see were I chose to put a lot of my pocket holes! 
It's incredibly easy & super sturdy when built using a Kreg Jig!!! Literally my most fave tool!!! 

These are the table top dimensions. I also only used a 2x6's as my breadboards! I didn't want a ton of over hang, and we were not going to be putting chairs at the ends of the table!

And no project is complete without the help of my little lady!!!! 

This is what I used for the finish. I love both these products! The rust-oleum poly goes on so smooth!!! And I did the recommended three coats. 

We recently got an incredible table for free....and we are almost done refinishing it!!! So this table is now a cozy outdoor eating spot!!!
 All we did was drill a 1 1/2" hole through the table top, top beam and  3/4 the way through the bottom beam. And then screwed a 2" screw through the back of the bottom beam into the umbrella pole for added support!!! 

This is the link to the umbrella!!! They also have matching cushions!! ;) 

This was Miss Belle & I yesterday enjoying lunch on the deck! I think we are going to be eating outside a lot more!!! 

We will be putting a weather proof poly on it! Hopefully it will last us a good long time!!! 

Happy building!!! Xoxo Sherri

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Tea Party Fun

So today my daughter Belle & I had a little Tea Party for two!!! Easter inspired of course!!! Egg shaped peanut butter sandwiches, Annie's organic bunny gummies surrounding the plates, organic cheese, strawberries & whipped cream and our "tea" of course....trader joes sparkling pink lemonade!!! 
We had cute little petit fours as desert!!! 
Someone got herself all dolled up while I set up....lip gloss and all!!! :)

We also did some really fun crafts! This one was my daughters idea!!! And I LOVE it!!! 
We cut all different lengths of ribbon and then hot glued the pieces to a really chunky extra long piece of ribbon. 
I then hung the Ribbon Garland and trimmed the ends.....I just folded the ribbon in half and cut on an angle!
That's what's hanging over our table in the first pic!!! I really love it!!! 
We also made some Easter egg garland!
We used some boxes that were going in the recycling! (See our desert box!) 
Then we decorated then with stickers!
And hot glued them on another piece of our chunky ribbon!
And this has got to be one of my favorite little art projects she's ever done!!!! Everything on this paper was done with her little fingers!!!! So darn cute!!! And fun ;)

She had so much fun! She must have said 20 times that today was the best day ever!!! She kept putting her little arm around me and hugging me!!! She's the sweetest!!! It really was so much fun! I can't wait to come up with some other themed Tea Parties!!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!! Now go plan yours!!! ;)

     Xoxo Sherri