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Monday, June 22, 2015

DIY Blanket Ladder

So it's been a while! I have been doing some projects...but life kinda gets in the way sometimes. And sitting to blog hasn't been an option! But it's nice to be back! ;) 

I built this blanket ladder a while ago. I moved our living room around and it was exactly what I needed to add some height and fill a large empty spot on the wall!!! We also use throws all yr round...I'm not that crazy about central air! I'm always cold!!! So it gets allot of use!!! 

  This is a super simple build! You can use any size boards, you don't have to angle them, paint, stain..leave it natural! You can totally make this your own, and customize it to fit your space! 

                     You will need:
               2 - 1x2x8 foot boards 
               1 - 1x2x3 foot board 
               (*you can use just a hammer &                                     nails with wood glue for this project!)
                Miter saw (or hand saw)
                     Sanding block
                 1 1/4" wood screws (or       pocket hole screws)
                        Wood glue
           Stain or paint of your choice!
                        Cut List:
                2 - 1x2's @ 62"
                4 - 1x2's @ 17 1/2"
I cut the two bottom ends at a slight 18 degree angle. 

This is the placement of the pocket holes!

I attached my first rung 7" from the top, the next three rungs 10 1/4" apart. 
 And that left me with about 16 1/2" from the last ring to the floor! 

I chose to angle my rungs, you don't have to. But your blankets will lay a little flatter! And if you plan of using any fluffy throws, I'd definately do this!!! Just keep your pocket hole facing the top/back!

These are all pretty thick throws....and they lie flat!!! 

Next you are going to give it a good sending. I used my little hand sander and really hit some spots to give it a worn old look. 

I then added some dark walnut stain, only in areas I was going to distress!

Next I used some gray rustolium stain very heavy! So it was almost like paint!

Finally another good sanding!!! And your done!!! 

(I took the pic not realizing my daughter had put the recliners out! Lol but it sure looks like the cat is living it up! Haha)
(This is a little sneak peek of another project!!!! ;) )

So that it!!! Super easy! And you get ALLOT of bang for your buck!!! It's a super easy way to add height and fill a large empty wall...without taking up floor space! Hope you enjoyed this post!!! I'm always posting to my Instagram! So for sneak peeks and other daily nonsense head on over there!!! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!! Xoxo Sherri