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Saturday, January 31, 2015

DIY Wine Rack

So I've been pinning diy wine racks for months!!! Again, I used some reclaimed wood scraps. I'd been saving a specific piece just for this. So what ever I made had to work with what I had. I wanted something that was relatively small. And would fit 4 wine glasses. Here goes nothing!!! This is what I came up with! 

This is my cut list! 

I didn't have enough reclaimed wood so I had to use new scraps as well! To give them that old reclaimed look I used this trick it's super easy!!! 
Can you even tell what's old & new?! Not too bad! Right!!

Next you will be making the holes for your wine glasses. I used a 7/16" drill bit. I used a wine glass to get my placement. But my first hole was 2 7/8" from the side and then I did one every 3 1/4"....(my last one also being 2 7/8" from the side!) 
I then cut in to each hole. Any old saw will do! After just sand them down smooth! 

-make sure to drill pilot holes and countersink your screws!

I started by screwing the top shelf to the sides using 1 1/4" wood screws. 

I then screwed the back on using the same 1 1/4" wood screws. And leaving a half inch of clearance from the shelf.  

Next you will be attaching the wood blocks & bottom. I predrilled one hole in the center of each piece. Going all the way through and into the side pieces! Just like in the pic above! Then I used 3" wood screws to attach it all! This is the larger of the pieces! This piece lines up with the back piece not the top shelf!!! So your wine rack rests evenly against the wall! 

You can now screw the front piece on! Same as the back! 
***to give the screw heads a distressed look I dabbed them with some stain!!!

After its all assembled touch up all your edges, screw holes and were you cut for the wine glasses with dark stain!

To mount mine I just predrilled two holes and screwed right into studs in my wall! If you don't have studs were you want it to hang just use some anchors!!! 

Lastly I made a little sign. Just a piece of wood 15 5/8" x 3"
  Stained the same as the wine rack! 
A little swipe of chalkboard paint! 
I got this little Gelly Roll white paint pen from Micheals craft store, and free handed "You be my glass of Wine, I'll be your shot of Whiskey"~Blake Shelton 

 Distressed it a tad...and nailed it above my wine rack! 

I'm not a hundred percent ok with the sign placement...but higher it looked kinda detached & this seems a little low...but I'm sure I'll mess with it more! But I'm happy with how it all came out! Now to stock up on the good stuff!!!! lol 

Hope you liked this one! Xoxo Sherri

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